Friday, October 25, 2013

Help in Spare Time

Thursday is one of my busy days at work, since it’s the end of our work-week, and the bulletin needs to be finished for Sunday morning.  This week, we were also trying to get out letters to almost every family in our congregation.  I had things planned out for the day so that I could get it all done in time... and then the printer maintenance man showed up and worked on the printer for about four hours.

He started early in the day, but part of my problem was that I was going to attend a counseling session with my husband in the afternoon, which was going to take a fair chunk out of my work time.  The more of my morning that I couldn’t spend attending to either of those two projects, the more crunched my time at the end of the day would be.  It turned out that the maintenance man left just as I was heading to the counseling session (2:00 p.m.).  So much for my plans.

I knew, though, that God had it in His hands.  If I had to work later, I would just have to stay later.  It occurred to me, though, that Thursday was a less busy day for my husband.  There was a slight chance that he might have time to help me after the session.

We had a good session, and went away with some things to think about.  It lasted a bit longer than usual (I felt the pressure of my deadline, but not the anxiety - thank the Lord!).  I asked my husband if he might have a little time to help me.  There were other things that he could do... but he decided to help me.

I felt very blessed.  As a wife, even if I know that he loves me, it’s always nice to see it in action.  I am thankful that my husband used his “spare time” to help me.  Getting home late isn’t that big a deal, but it’s definitely nice to get home earlier.  He even decided to stay the whole time and ride home with me.  More time with my sweetie - score!

May I be cognizant of times in which I can do the same for him!

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