Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kitty Aide

About a month ago, our cat came in with a bloody ear.  Upon further examination, I discovered parasites on his ear.  We took him to the vet who diagnosed it as a type of flea and found that he had torn a rather large gash at the base of his ear with his scratching.  The vet cleaned him up, stapled the wound, and gave him a cortisone shot to make it itch less.  We gave him some flea medication.

Everything went well, the wound was healing nicely, and the fleas disappeared.  We took off the “cone of shame” after a full week to let the wound heal - which it had, but for the staples.  We finally let him outside for a night of freedom without the cone.  The following morning, I found him at our doorstep with a bloody ear.  He had scratched it too much again, and apparently aggravated the staples.

I replaced the “cone of shame” and he spent the next few nights in with us again before we could get him to the vet to get the staples out.  They did so, and we left the cone on for close to another week, before I thought it was healed enough to take off and let him loose again.  I took it off in the morning, and we headed out for work.  What do you suppose we returned home to find that evening?  A kitty with a bloody ear.

Back on with the “cone of shame,” to be trapped indoors even longer.  It has been about another full week, and the night before last, the kitty came crying to us, somehow managing to bloody his ear despite the cone.  We cleaned it, but this morning, the kitty woke me early with an odd noise followed by unhappy mews.  I came out to find the wound freshly opened yet again.  We couldn’t take him to the vet today, and returned home tonight to find the wound opened further, so we will take him in the morning.  It has been quite the adventure.

The past few times we have found our poor bloody-eared kitty, my husband has helped me to comfort the kitty, as well as to clean and disinfect the wound.  What with all the times our kitty has had issues with his ear this past month, my husband’s help with the kitty’s care helped to ease my own stress with the issue.  It has generally been my task to take care of the cat, but my husband decided to be a servant-leader and become a “kitty aide” for me.

I am thankful that my husband was willing to help, and that his help relieved my stress.  The Lord provides for us in so many ways, and I see His hand at work through my husband.

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