Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let Me Sleep In

Saturday morning we awoke to the cat trying to scratch at his ear again through his “cone of shame.”  It wasn’t particularly early, but it was earlier than I had planned on getting up, and I was pretty exhausted from the day before.  Not long after, our son began making noises, clearly awake.  It was time to get up.

I stayed in bed through both, hoping to let my body soak in whatever dregs of rest it could.  “Just a little longer,” I thought.  When I had decided I would take just about ten seconds more before getting up, my husband got up.  Without a word, he put on some clothes and the cat followed him out of our bedroom door as he went to tend to our son.  

I felt so loved.  He was getting up to serve me, even though he had a ton of homework to do that day and needed to get started as soon as he could.  Instead, he decided to let me rest longer; he knew I was pretty tired.  That alone helped to refresh me, and pointed my heart towards thanks to God.

Clearly, God had known that I was tired - close to exhausted, really.  In His blessed provision, He gave my body the rest - and my heart the focus - that it needed in order to serve Him that day.  I am thankful that my husband let me sleep in, and that God provided rest for me through it.

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