Thursday, October 10, 2013

Look for My Beauty

Physical attraction is nice in a marriage, but in the grand scheme of things, it can only go so far.  I won’t always be as beautiful as at the peak of my life, and neither will my husband be as handsome.  We will, however, continue to grow in Christ according to His promise in Philippians 1:6.  That beauty will not diminish with time, but grow more and more radiant, by God’s good grace.

My husband recently read a couple articles directed toward men (you can view them here), that challenged him that he has control over what attracts him - over what he finds beautiful.  Since reading it, I have noticed a distinct difference in his attraction for me; he doesn’t just see my beauty, he looks for it.  (There are other points in the article, too, but I’ll just focus on this one tonight.)

I remember when we were courting (as opposed to dating - he had read I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris), he would often say, “Hey, Beautiful.”  This always brought a smile.  On occasion, I was awarded the one that made me positively grin in feeling loved:  “Hey Gorgeous.”  After we married, those slowly faded, though they were exchanged for things like “Sweetheart,” or “My Love.”  Those never meant quite the same thing to me, though - and I never told him that.

Since beginning to look for my beauty again, I have noticed the return of, “Hey, Beautiful.”  It caught me a little off guard at first, but it still curled my toes with pleasure.  It isn’t just that it’s “nice to be wanted,” as the saying goes.  It’s a bit like an affirmation.  No matter how far up the ladder of sanctification I have yet to go, he sees the beauty that God has already put there.  Not only does he see it, but he likes it - and wants it.  Now that’s sexy.

I am thankful that my husband looks for my beauty.  Not only does it show his work to uphold our marriage, but it encourages me in my walk with Christ.  It extends the grace that, though I’m not perfect, he - and He - still love me.  I love him - and Him - too!

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