Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Tuesdays find my husband and I tagging each other out the door.  He has school Tuesday mornings, and I take our son to see “Grammy” - my mom - before I go to work.  My husband then picks our son up after school and takes him to “Nani’s” - his mom’s house.  After work, I head to his mom’s house, and then he leaves for another session of school while I watch the little man.  It really is a bit like, “Tag - your turn!”

I know that many other families do this to a much greater extreme, and am thankful that it’s really only like that (right now) once or twice a week.  Yet, despite the harried feel of those days, I am thankful that we can be a tag-team, and that we do it well (or at least, well enough).  

I love the feel of being on a “team” with my husband - which, of course, we are, as a married couple.  It’s one of the ways that our unity is manifested.  How we portray that unity is important.  Do we seek to honor Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit?  Or do we seek our own goals by our own power?

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