Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Daily Benefit

I have enjoyed not only taking a closer look at what my husband is doing for me each day, but at how God Himself is at work through those things.  Thankfulness is a sort of Spiritual Milk for followers of Christ; it can bring our focus to bear on Him each time we use it.  While I don't always look forward to carving time out of my day to actually write about it, taking the time to do so forces me to think about it even more.  I have to "study" how the Lord is working in my life, and why I am thankful for that work.  I am always encouraged afterward, and my Joy in the Lord increases.

I notice when I miss a day - whether the effect is belated or not.  I am intentional about catching up, and that helps, but having that intentional time with Him each day to focus on His blessings keeps my mind in the right perspective.  I have good reasons sometimes for missing a day, but I do think it has been important to also catch up.  The effect isn't quite the same, but it means that I still have to take time to search for God's work in each day.  I start thinking about it during the day instead of after, and that is an even greater blessing, as my perspective is to more actively and frequently seek God.  Seeking God is always a blessing.

If you have enjoyed reading my posts, I would encourage you to write just a little something of your own each day, as well.  It doesn't have to be much, or take long.  Your spiritual dividend will more than repay your time!

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