Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have begun physical therapy, and my therapist assigned a series of exercises.  These exercises don’t take very long and are incredibly easy, but I find it difficult to set aside time for them.  A strategy I use to assure that I do them, is to put the aid that I use in the middle of my living room.  Each night when I arrive home, I immediately lie down on the rolled up towel in the middle of my living room and begin one of the prescribed sets of exercises.

We often arrive home just before bedtime.  This means we are both eager to be done with anything else and just crawl into bed.  My husband always carries our sleeping son from the car to his bed, then climbs into his own, while I start my exercises.  Now that the weather has turned cold, our cat comes in to eat a bit at night, and needs to be fed before we turn in.

Ordinarily, I would add this to my own list to do before bed.  However, my quiet time and blog are also on that list.  So, to help me finish everything that needs to be done before my consciousness fades, my husband will feed the cat for me.  It’s a small gesture that may not take much, but the collaboration means a lot to me.  It means he cares, and it means that he is willing to help in my care.

I am thankful that my husband is willing to work collaboratively with me not only to accomplish tasks, but also to minister to me.  It has been difficult for me to have this same attitude toward him lately, but I am thankful that my Savior continues to remind me.  I pray that I might be able to make the focus switch from myself to my husband (and to Christ) in order to serve my husband and bring God glory.

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