Thursday, December 19, 2013

His Life

Toward the beginning of our marriage, I was often plagued by the thought of losing my husband.  It gripped me with fear.  It took awhile before I was finally willing to place his life fully within the arms of my Savior.  Knowing that God, in His sovereignty, was in total control of whether or not my husband lived, and that whatever happened fell under that sovereignty with the aim of my good and His glory went a long way.

I realized that even if my husband died, it would be because the Lord had determined it best for me.  That wasn’t easy to take, but the Lord brought me around to the full joy that being able to rest in His control brings.

While I certainly don’t want my husband to die, I know that I’ll be fine if he does; God will see to that.  I know, too, that it is God’s gift that he is still with me.  Each and every day, my husband is here because God wills him to be.  (So am I, for that matter - and every other person, animal, and thing on this planet.)  Bearing that mortality and reliance in mind, it makes me abundantly thankful to my Savior for His gift of my husband’s life.

I praise Him for His vastness, power, and sovereignty.  May I hold fast to that focus.

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