Friday, December 27, 2013

Pantry Project

We have had the idea for a pantry since we purchased our home, and God has blessed us with the resources to begin to build one during our Christmas mini-vacation!  My husband has picked up the hobby of carpentry - trying it on for size, really - and one of the consequent benefits will be an incredibly functional addition to my home.  (I’m not stoked at all...)  I thank the Lord for our pantry project.

The Lord is so good in His timing, orchestration of circumstances and resources, and provision of knowledge.  My husband’s two grandfathers were in town and he had just finished his design plans to run by them.  (He hadn’t planned to finish them in time, the Lord did that.)  As they glanced them over, they immediately came up with a faster and easier way to do it.  (Bless them!)  Shortly thereafter, Christmas was upon us, and we received some generous gifts - some specifically toward our project!  God’s love and provision astound me at times - and I thank Him for the people that He uses to bestow it upon us!

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