Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Process

Each new day can bring new challenges to a relationship - especially one like marriage.  As we try to nail down this whole leadership/submission thing, there are bumps on the road.  My husband was feeling a bid inadequate today between some of the challenges we faced (primarily with our son) and our lack of goals for the day (it’s Christmas Eve - we took it as a day of rest).

I am thankful that he has stepped up to the leadership role.  So what if he (and I) doesn’t have it down yet?  Life is a process, and we are learning.  I’m just thankful that he’s willing and working at it.  Things may not always run smoothly, but, honestly, if he did have it down pat, he’d be showing me up quite a bit.  Dealing with that pride would be far less gentle, I think.

I am thankful to be “figuring it out” with my husband.  I am thankful that God has given him a desire to handle things according to His will, and that He is teaching us how to do that.  I am thankful for this process of learning about God.

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