Monday, February 3, 2014

Cooperative Games

My husband and I enjoy playing League of Legends, which is an online team tower defense game… sort of.  (It’s also free-to-play, which is another reason why we casual gamers play it.)  It has a few different game modes, but the one we play most often (simply because it’s usually the fastest and most “casual” of the modes) is called All Random All Mid (ARAM).  Put very simply, it is two teams of five people with randomly chosen champions (or characters) who duke it out across a one-lane playing field, with the goal of destroying all of the enemy team’s towers in order to ultimately destroy their “nexus” (home base).  Destroy the enemy nexus, and you win.  It’s a fun cooperative game.

While I have enjoyed playing first-person shooters against my husband (my parents used to call this marital therapy), I find that I most often enjoy playing with him toward a common goal.  The Halo campaign, or Firefight have served that purpose in the past, and now League of Legends has taken that role.  We will also play with friends (sometimes against, too).  I really enjoy being able to work cooperatively toward a common goal.

Tonight, we did exceptionally well in our first two games, and rather decently in the third.  It was particularly nice, since we had been losing a lot lately, with sometimes poor performance.  Tonight, not only was our performance commendable, but our other team members did quite nicely, too.  We were able to support one another well and push on toward a common goal.  Admittedly, I think God gave us a lucky break, and it was quite pleasant to win.  I am thankful, however, that it isn’t all about winning, and for the chance to work together.

I am thankful for cooperative games, that it gives my husband and I one more avenue to practice being united in purpose, and to support one another.  I thank the Lord for their existence, and for the ability to play them.

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