Thursday, February 6, 2014

Head Massages

Toward the end of my workday, I found myself with a persistent headache.  We had intimate plans for the night, and I warned my husband in a text that I might “require” a head massage.  It was said (well, texted) in half jest, as I had wanted to enjoy sharing humor.  He laughed, but also said that it was good to know.  (I filed that little tidbit away to remember for the future.)

My headache was a little worse by the time I arrived at our in-laws, and, to my great pleasure and relief, my husband went about massaging my head as I ate.  (That didn’t really make eating very easy, but it certainly helped keep the pain down.)  When I finished my dinner, we decided to watch a Castle with the family, and I enjoyed snuggling up to him and took comfort in his presence and embrace.  The headache actually grew worse during the show (ocular migraine status), but I didn’t notice until afterward, due to the show’s distraction and my husband’s comfort - with brief massages thrown in here and there, too.

I thank the Lord for my husband and his head massages.  I also thank the Lord that He chose to take the migraine away during the car ride home.  (Blessings!)  While head massages may not always provide a relief that lasts once the massage is done, they often provide a blessed measure of relief during the massage.  I thank the Lord for my husband’s head massages!

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