Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Casual Atmosphere

Dear Lord,

As I attend the third level of the Cornerstone Biblical Counseling Training Center classes, I find myself reticent to take part in the counseling practicum.  You know that I don’t plan to become ACBC certified and that I have attended only to learn more about Your answers for my own life and to better counsel my friends.  I thank You for Your instruction from Your Word, and for the practical application that You are teaching me through the class.  Yet, the formal setting of counselor and counselee is daunting to me.

Thank You for the casual atmosphere of the class, and that I am surrounded by women who are at the same level as me.  We differ in our talents - and some are meant to become certified, but they can use just as much help at this stage as I can.  They are encouraging, give constructive feedback, and even portray good examples of certain of the goals that we want to accomplish in counseling - which can be carried over to the counsel of friends.  Thank You, too, for the woman that I “counseled.”  She was really nice in actually helping to guide me to what I needed to do as the counselor, even as she role-played my counselee.

Yes, the idea of me participating in a formal counseling session as the counselor is something that I haven’t the faintest desire to do.  Quite the opposite, as the very idea brings a feeling of nausea to my stomach.  I knew that I needed to deal with that fear, though, as it meant that I wasn’t fearing You more than the situation.  So I thank You that You helped me to face my fear, and for the casual atmosphere that You orchestrated for me to wet my feet in.  Thank You for making it easier.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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