Thursday, March 13, 2014

Godly Perspective

Dear Lord,

As I consider the state of my house, I thank You for Your perspective.  There is more to be done than I have time for, and that’s okay.  Thank You for that blessing as You help me to keep my priorities better in line with Your will.  

Time with You and listening to You in Your Word are more important than the chores.  It doesn’t matter if the chores aren’t accomplished at the utmost of my ability because I’m also watching (and incorporating) my two-year-old son.  It is, in fact, better for my son that I incorporate him, since it helps to build his excitement about chores and also teaches him better coordination.  

It’s really cute, too!  Thank You for the enjoyment of teaching him to shake the clothes during the transfer from washer to dryer.  That cute little shake of an armload of clothes - especially paired with his pleased smile - makes for an adorable moment.  Thank You for the gift of my son.

Lord, I pray that You would continue to help me prioritize You and Your own priorities.  You’ve made it clear that everything else “falls into place” as a result, because I can recognize what truly needs to be done, and what to leave for later.  Thank You for Your strength to do those tasks, and for the peace of knowing that You are in control.  You are my treasure - and I thank You, that I am Yours, too.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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