Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Off Early

Dear Lord,

I’m glad that You have helped me come to a point where I’m not so anxious about my accrued work hours.  Rather than trying to get as many as possible in - period - You have taught me to have a goal, and upon reaching that goal, to consider taking more time to be at home.  I enjoyed the anticipation today as I had planned to take off an hour early from work - and then I enjoyed the hour off.

Thank You for the gift of that hour to get off early.  It was actually a bit difficult not to get too excited about it and to even place some of my hope in it and on the extra time I’d get to spend with my husband.  We didn’t plan for what exactly we’d do with the time, and I was tempted to be a little disappointed with what we did do, but I thank You that You kept my focus on You instead.  Thank You for the relaxation and the extra time spent with family.  It really was nice to get off work an hour early.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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