Monday, March 24, 2014

Vitamin E

Dear Lord,

Thank You for watching over my son this weekend while he played with us outside.  Sunscreen hadn’t even crossed my mind as we worked to ready part of my in-laws’ backyard to put sod in.  It wasn’t until my father-in-law said something later in the day that I realized the red on his cheeks probably wasn’t from the strange rash he’s been getting, but from a little too much sun.  Through my own sunburn experiences (and the loving ministrations of a friend), I thank You that You had already taught me the wonders of Vitamin E!

Again, thank You as You watched over him.  You know that he woke several times that night - I can only guess from having rubbed his cheeks in his sleep - and he also came down sick with a cold shared by his cousin.  I spread that E over his cheeks twice in the night, and by morning, I could barely tell that his cheeks had a little extra pink.  Thank You for my previous experience (and the knowledge of the concentration of no less than 12,000 IU), and for Your healing.  It didn’t even seem to bother him the next day.

Lord, when I fail according to the world’s standards, You are there to show me that everything is in Your hands.  You turn and use those “failures” for Your glory, and make Your Victory known.  Thank You for healing my son through Your gift of Vitamin E!

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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