Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My New Topic

Dear Lord,

I am excited to be so near to the halfway mark:  500 of 1,000 thankful things!  I have been thinking on what the topic should be for my next 100 things for awhile now, and until yesterday, still hadn’t come up with anything to focus on.  Thank You for the clarity yesterday to realize that I need to study more about grace.

Grace is a simple, yet difficult, concept for me to grasp.  When I have hold of the meaning of Your unmerited favor, the effects are so far-reaching - it is the joy of being Your child.  Yet sometimes the concept is not so easy to grasp, and it is then that I am most susceptible to depression.  Thankfulness certainly helps, as it helps me to shift my focus from myself to You.  However, I think there is something about grace that I don’t fully own, yet.  So I have decided to focus my next 100 thankful things on what I am thankful for in Your grace, with the intention to specifically study the topic of grace in Your Word.

Lord, I pray Your blessing on this endeavor - though I won’t be starting for another three weeks.  Give me Your understanding and wisdom as I study Your Word, and I pray that others might benefit from it, as well.  

As my husband and I also enter a new chapter of life, I think it best to change my schedule from five days a week to between two and three times a week (as soon as I begin “Thankful for Your Grace”).  This way, I hope to study Your grace more before I write about it, and to help accommodate our tight schedule.  Thank You, Lord, for making my next topic clear to me - in Your grace for me in my walk as Your child.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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