Thursday, January 24, 2013

Covered Trash Cans

I am so glad that we have covered trash cans to hide the smells of the trash that we put in them.  Poopy diapers, for example.  That’s a pretty powerful smell.  A really nasty powerful smell.  Call me lazy, but it’s really nice not to have to take the dirty diaper - and Our Son - outside to the trash company’s can (which is also covered) every time I change him so that the stench doesn’t permeate my entire home.

Of course, if we don’t eventually take the trash out, cover or no, it will spread its smell.  The same goes for our spiritual walk.  If we don’t take the trash out, no matter how much we cover over it, the smell will leak out.  Whether it’s bitterness, selfishness, pride, worry... if not brought before God and dealt with, they ferment and we begin to reek even to those around us.

I think that God gives us spiritual covered trash cans out of mercy, simply because we have so much trash that we couldn’t possibly deal with it all at once.  So it sits until the time is right, and the smell begins to leak out.  If I am stubborn and don’t deal with it, the smell worsens until I am forced to deal with it or cease functioning.

I have a tendency to not notice my own spiritual trash until the smell slams into my senses.  (Sometimes not even until someone else smells it and I notice their reaction.)  I’ll start to feel my heart beat a little faster, or I’ll snap at someone.  I catch just a whiff and take a good look at what I’m thinking about.  Usually, it’s my poopy diaper of worry.  Worry is one of the most difficult for me.  (You can see more on that in Weekly Impressions - Worry and Meditation.)

I would love to be able to catch myself earlier - and God is leading me there.  I can look back and see that God has brought me further than when I just sat in the stench of worry, and slowly lost my ability to function.  Thank God for His Grace, mercy, and Love.

I am thankful for covered trash cans, that they are another Medium of God’s glory.  Have you noticed your nose wrinkling lately?

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