Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Son

You have heard a fair amount about our son by now.  He primarily hears how Cute he is.  The Lord has blessed us tremendously in our son.  He has an incredibly sweet temperament, was a pretty easy baby, and often listens when we tell him, “No.”  God has used Little Man to brighten our lives and Teach us many things.

So here’s where I get to brag on how God is creating our son.  Little Man has danced since it was possible.  It always makes us smile to watch.  He would turn in circles (which I think really improved his balance) and look out of the corner of his eyes, like he’s trying to spot, but can’t quite figure it out just yet.  He is starting to make up new moves now, and he’ll squat, or raise his arm and dip his head and shoulder.  

He smiles very readily.  I thought smiles were infectious before, but around him they’re an epidemic.  You can’t help but smile when he opens his mouth in that toothy little grin, often accompanied by a little laugh.

I can’t tell if he’s going to be an engineer, an athlete, or both.  He shows the mind of an engineer in that he always tries to see how things work.  As soon as you show him how to use something, he understands it, and the only thing stopping him from doing it is fine motor skills.  (Dangerous!)  He started walking at eight months, and has always been on the go.  Mommy and Daddy can have a hard time keeping up!

He loves people.  Fortunately, he’s okay to play with toys on his own for awhile, but he does need somebody else at least in the room.  It’s also preferable that the somebody’s attention is on him, but sometimes that’s just icing on the cake.

It is amazing how much God Teaches us through our children.  He says we are to be like children in some things, and now that I have my own child, I understand what He means by that a little better.  I can see so much of my own sinful and naive behavior toward God when our son does the same to us, and it really helps to humble me.  I am thankful for many things in our son, but I think I am most thankful for the Joy that God uses him to remind me of, and for what the Lord is Teaching me through him.

What has the Lord shown you through the children in your life?

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