Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I’ve been wanting to spend time with people and do a few things over the weekend, but no one else was really available and things just didn’t work out the way that I wanted.  I knew that I was struggling with pride and being self-centered, but I was having a hard time shifting my focus.

My husband asked me this morning if I was doing alright, and I exercised some discipline in myself to tell him about my struggles.  He immediately asked if I was following through with the steps I had set down for dealing with pride.  I told him that I was trying - I was going through my prayer with God:  

“God, please forgive me for being prideful.  Help me to know that You are in control and that everything is in Your hands.  Help me to submit to You and look out for Your interests.  Thank You for Answered Prayer and Trees.  Help me to be a useful tree.”

The trouble was, as soon as I was finished with the prayer, my mind would wander elsewhere and I’d be right back on myself again.  We discussed it a bit, and he just encouraged me and reminded me of what a right focus is:  being thankful to God, praising God, placing my fear upon God, and being obedient to God.

It’s surprising what a difference it makes when you talk about something as opposed to just trying to deal with it inwardly (even if it is between you and God).  Somehow, the act of working through it out loud helps to put things in perspective, and it’s even better when you have someone there to get feedback from.  My Husband did a beautiful job of loving me today, and the accountability he gave me was just one of the servant’s acts he did for me.

I am thankful for accountability, that God uses it to bring us alongside one another in our journey toward Christlikeness.  Do you have an accountability partner?  Are you intentionally sharing your struggles with them?


  1. What a beautiful (and honest) post on being accountable in dealing with our sin. Double high five for your husband for being so supportive of an accountability partner. I'd tell you how jealous I am, but then I'd have to deal with my own sins... ;)