Friday, February 15, 2013


I am the secretary at My Church, and I am definitely thankful that we have a copier.  Handwriting is not my forte - I never would have survived as a monk (aside from the obvious issue of gender).  

We purchased a shiny new upgrade to our old copier last year, and now our copier offsets collated stacks, staples, punches holes, and prints in color.  I can also scan two pages of a book at once and it will automatically place each page on its own.  It’s a wonderful thing.  This not only saves me time, but office space, too, as I originally had a separate printer for our color printing.

Without a copier, our church couldn’t reach out to as many people as we do.  I am thankful that God created copiers so that we can do things like printing sermons for those in prison, copying handouts for lessons, copying homework for people that we counsel, and a myriad other things.  God truly makes His glory known through copiers. 

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