Thursday, February 14, 2013

French Braids

I haven’t tried to french braid my hair since I cut it short.  In growing it out, I feel like it has finally reached the length at which I can start to french braid it again.  I forgot how good it feels to have my hair up in a french braid.

There’s something about my hair being done firmly that feels like I’m ready to be productive.  A ponytail doesn’t have the same feel, because it’s all firm in one place.  A french braid is firm throughout your head, and thus seems as though it will hold better.  It’s also easier to move your head with the weight dispersed rather than in one place.

I am thankful for french braids, and the fun feeling that God has given me to associate with them.  Aside from the feeling, it really does help me to get physical things done, since I can trust that my hair isn’t going to impede my progress.  

What thing is God using in your life that you associate with the feeling of productivity or progress?

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