Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perceived Paths

If you have driven very long, you’ve encountered the “cone zone,” where hundreds of little orange cones with reflective strips guide you away from or through a construction site.  I have often wondered at how God created us to recognize a path that isn’t fully lined out.  A highway has an unbroken path of asphalt with clearly painted lines to stay within.  Cones have a perceived line, but the line is broken.

We encounter these perceived pathways everywhere we go.  From the pathways we create with furniture in our living rooms to the paths we follow in the wilderness that must be marked, lest we stray.  It is almost as though we finish or fill in the path in our own minds, and an invisible, yet binding, path lies before us.  

I am thankful that God created these perceived paths, for without them, navigation would be much more difficult (and costly).  I may have mentioned before that I am one of those “directionally challenged” people, so perceived paths really help to point me in the right direction.  If I stick to the perceived path, I won’t get lost - assuming I can determine the perceived path.

God has laid down individual paths for His children, and most often, they aren’t set in clear lines.  We have to perceive the path in between.  Yet, just as He gave us the ability to recognize perceived paths in the physical realm, He has given us His Holy Spirit and the Bible in order to recognize these spiritual perceived paths.  Sin clouds our perspective, and we get lost.  Yet God is in control even of that.  He is faithful to lead and guide us along His path.

I thank the Lord for His guidance along the perceived spiritual path He has set before me.  May I remain attentive to where the lines lead.

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