Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Having known the wonderful benefits of plumbing, I would mourn were I not able to use it any longer.  Plumbing (while working properly, of course) makes life so much easier!  A nice hot Shower at the end of the day can serve to ease a multitude of ailments, and I truly appreciate the general lack of stench in the bathroom.

Raising a child without running water would be no picnic.  I often find myself holding my one-year-old - whether to keep him out of trouble, or because he likes it - and thus am limited to one hand.  Pouring water onto something requires a hand to pour and a hand to hold whatever you’re trying to pour the water into.  Thanks to God’s invention of plumbing, all I have to do is flip a lever with one hand and then hold the item under the faucet.  Not to mention, I don’t have to pump or draw the water and then haul it to my home.

We constantly talk about God being in all things, but with each new thankful thing, I just find myself praising Him because of the vastness of that statement.  When I consider each and every little thing that God has His hands in, I bring myself face-to-face with just how vast and infinite God really is.  He cannot be defined because there is no combination of words that would truly describe Him.

I am thankful for plumbing, that it is one more of those things that portrays His infiniteness.  May I see Him more and more and be humbled in praise and awe.

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