Friday, April 19, 2013

Christian Bloggers Community

When tootling around to learn more about Google+ one day, I discovered that it had something called “Communities.”  I promptly checked out the feature and discovered that I could search for just about any type of Community that I wanted.  So I searched “Christian.”  A number of things popped up, but when I saw “Christian Bloggers” I got a bit excited.

This is a Community for christians who blog about their faith, and is geared toward helping one another toward that end.  It’s full of people with tips and tricks, people willing to take a look at what you have and give some constructive criticism, and they have weekly challenges for blog posts that can inspire thought about a subject you might not otherwise have considered.

When considering how best to structure my devotional journal (which turned into “My Thankful Beginning ~ A Shift in Focus”), I posted some of my ideas of what I wanted to do, and received some great ideas in return.  These played a significant role in how I did eventually structure the devotional.

One thing that participation in this Community has taught me is that, even if I feel my opinion isn’t really significant, any feedback can truly be helpful.  Just share your impressions, thoughts, ideas, and constructive criticisms.  Even if another blogger doesn’t use them, it is helpful to that blogger to know that opinion, impression, etc. exists.  It’s a great Community to get involved in, and I am thankful that God led me to it.

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