Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Our pastor has been going through the book of Genesis and we are currently on the life of Joseph.  This past Sunday, our pastor taught a sermon on Genesis 41:1-45, which tells about how Joseph went from being “In God’s Waiting Room” (as his previous sermon was titled), in regard to being in prison for a significant amount of time, to being second in command to Pharaoh after interpreting the ruler’s dream.  (This sermon was titled “From Prison to Palace.”)

It was a very good sermon, as was the sermon before it.  In the passage, the Bible talks about how Joseph gave God all the credit, and didn’t become embittered, but was receptive to God’s shaping of his character.  When before Pharaoh, a worshipper of many gods, Joseph boldly stated that it wasn’t he who could interpret dreams, but the one true God.  He was a great example of what seeking God first in your life looks like.

I don’t want to give the sermon away, because I would highly recommend that you listen to it - to both of them (see title links above).  However, I will say that God definitely used it to speak into my life.  The examples of how to give God the glory and not take it for yourself, the encouragement to be bold in Christ, and the knowledge (and hope) of God’s sovereignty and His Teaching in our lives was a tremendous tool for not only conviction, but encouragement.  I am thankful that God created sermons through which He can renew the minds of His children.  

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