Thursday, May 30, 2013


As I ate my food at the dinner table tonight it occurred to me... I’m really glad that I don’t have to eat my food directly off of the table.  That would just be nasty.  I remember backpacking in the mountains with my dad, and one of the essentials we brought was a plate.  Otherwise, since the cooked food would be too hot to hold, you’d have to eat it off of a rock or something.

It’s interesting to note what “the essentials” are; I’ve been a little surprised at how much I look over some of the everyday items.  When you start to add them all up, it’s surprising how many things we use every day.  Plates, cups, utensils, pots and pans, Toilet Paper, clothes, Water, etc.  God orchestrated each one of those things into our lives.  

His provision doesn’t stop there, though.  He gives us more than the essential things that we need to get by.  He gives us Laptops and Cars and lights and mail and movies and Restaurants... so many different things.  His goodness and generosity are beyond compare... and that’s my God.  He isn’t just the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob or Israel.  He’s my God.  He’s my Father, who Loves me more than I could ever imagine.

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