Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Weather

The weather on our vacation has been beautiful for the past couple of days.  We were originally expecting a high of 70 degrees fahrenheit and a low of 40 during our stay.  However, I haven’t really needed my sweater these past two days.  It’s almost a shame, since I finished knitting my sweater while here - but I’d rather have the beautiful weather now and still be able to sport my sweater later.

Weather is one of those things in which humans across the board actually acknowledge their lack of control.  God seems to have kept it in reserve as a proof positive of His awesome power.  Even some unbelievers will add the caveat “God willing” when they refer to the weather.

I am thankful that God chose to shine His warm sun on us in a place mostly shielded from the wind.  We were even able to take our son to the lake, which would normally have been too cold.  We hadn’t been prepared, but at that age, he’s allowed to skinny-dip and enjoy splashing around.  How can I not be thankful when I choose to open my eyes to all of God’s gifts around me?

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