Thursday, August 8, 2013


I enjoy the silky feel of a nightgown.  I don’t like the cloth ones as much, because they twist up around me in the night as I toss and turn.  That twisting doesn’t seem to matter as much - or happen as much - in the silky gowns.  They’re also nice in the summer to help keep my skin cool, and are far cooler than wearing a robe.

I thank the Lord for nightgowns and the taste of luxury in them.  I will often reward myself with bits of luxury like that if I’ve done well in a discipline.  I have noticed, however, that this practice can make it easy to fall into the point of view that I need those bits of luxury in order to continue in my discipline (whatever that discipline may be).

The truth is, God will sustain me in whatever endeavor He has for me.  If I live for the rewards that I give myself, then, not only do I “need” them more often, but I lose the satisfaction that I find in them.  I want more and more.  Rewards are good, but not if they become my idol.

I thank the Lord that He is our ultimate reward, and for the moments on this earth that are blessings that He gives to us.  I pray for His help to keep my eyes on Him, the true prize and reward, rather than on the blessings that He gives.

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