Thursday, September 5, 2013


I wrote a song today as I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and anxiety crept in.  The intent was to have a song I could sing to myself during a struggle, so that by the end, I would be focused on God.  I was blessed to find that it worked.

The composing process requires a lot of fixation upon its content.  So when the content highlights God’s strength, it helps to drive that truth home into my heart.  Pairing it with music just makes it that much easier to remember (and to highlight certain aspects of a phrase - like God instead of myself).

I am thankful for composing, that God gave me the gift, and that I can use that gift to bring my heart and mind back to His truth.  As the song plays over and over in my mind, that truth takes root, and I find myself more firmly grounded, and far less anxious and stressed.  (The Lord never gives us more than He can handle!)

Is there a song that cuts through the lies and speaks God’s truth to you when you’re struggling?

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