Wednesday, September 4, 2013


When I’m working through my day and I receive a little “note” from my husband just to say, “Hi,” or that he loves me (usually via text), it brightens my day.  It’s like reaching out from far away and saying, “I love you and am thinking about you.  Just wanted you to know.”  It can help bring a spot of color to a stressful day.

I am thankful for notes, that God uses various people to drop me notes in various forms and places in life.  Whether the little notes from Mom in my lunch when I forgot to make it as a kid, the occasional card in the mail from a friend, the encouraging post-its from my female coworker, or a text in the middle of the day from a friend, notes are a wonderful little light in the middle of the day.

May I shine His light to others as well.

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