Monday, September 2, 2013


We went out for lunch, window shopping, and a brief trip on the boardwalk at the beach yesterday with another couple who are good friends of ours.  It was a blast!  Since having our son, it’s been difficult to get out to the beach for our traditional window shopping, as the time we can go is his nap time.  This would not make for a very happy kiddo, or a very nice trip.  However, Nani (grandma) agreed to watch him while we went out - and it was a very nice outing, indeed.

I am thankful for outings, that they insert a bit of variety into the general routine - especially if done with friends!  Outings are a bit like a date - or in this case, a Double-Date - which, in my opinion, raises its priority level.  I am thankful that God orchestrated a time, child-care, and friends to go with us on an outing.

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