Friday, September 20, 2013

Praying Together

Each morning before we get out of the car, my husband prays with me.  We didn’t start off that way, but it came to our attention that praying together was rather important.  We had to prioritize it in our marriage, and it helped to be able to find where in our routine to insert it.

There are certain things that he prays for every day:  that I would be a blessing to my coworkers, be productive, and be growing in my thankfulness; that James would come to know Christ as His Lord and Savior; and for himself that God would guide his steps.  I am very thankful for those daily prayers.  It shows me the importance that he places on them to lift them up to the Lord daily.

It is also very important that I pray for my husband.  I don’t do it often enough; that is, I pray for him as he has trouble, not proactively before the trouble comes.  I have also found that it helps him to know that I am praying for him.  Whether that communication comes through my letting him know (which I also don’t do often enough), or through me also praying with him, isn’t as important.  I think, though, it is best told if I also pray with him.

Do you and your husband pray together?

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