Monday, September 23, 2013

Protect My Dinnertime

Our almost two-year-old is busier than most.  He’s constantly on the go, and doesn’t like to sit still, even to eat.  If eating requires sitting still... he’d rather not eat.  This makes dinnertime interesting for our family, as he’s not happy in the high chair for long.  I’m usually about not half-way done with my own food by the time he fervently proclaims “Done!” several times in quick succession before whining.  Our attempts at teaching him patience have not yet borne much fruit.

Almost invariably at this point, (after what patience we have instilled in him has been strained to its limits) my sweet husband will stop eating his dinner and take care of our son in order to protect my own dinnertime.  I am truly thankful for this, as it grants me a little time to relax and catch my breath.  It's a bit like having permission to tend to my own “needs” for a few minutes before relieving my husband to finish his own dinner.  

The Lord continues to impress the importance of communication to me in my marriage, and I realized that this was a desire I had communicated (once) to my husband very near the beginning of our son’s life.  He has been faithful to provide me that time ever since - even to ask others to care for our son during that time if he is gone.  It’s a bit of a break that I truly appreciate, and I am thankful for this gift of the Lord’s through my husband.

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