Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spontaneous Dinners

Mondays are a bit of a long day for me, as I attend a class that our church is currently hosting after I get off work.  My husband attends with me, which is nice, but it still makes for a long day.  He will usually bring me dinner, but it wasn’t ready by the time he needed to leave.  He called and asked if I would be alright to wait until after the class (9pm), or if he needed to grab me something.

I’ve been struggling with feeling almost as tired when I wake up as before I go to sleep, but I had eaten lunch a bit late, so I figured I’d be alright.  By the time class was over, we were both rather tired.  My husband put his arm out to escort me outside and asked, “Would you like to go out to dinner?”

What woman doesn’t like to hear those words?  I responded that I would love to!  We had both enjoyed the class, despite our weariness, and had a bit to talk about, which was also rather nice for the date.  It did make our night even later, but the time to talk and enjoy a meal out together was more than worth it.  

I am thankful that my sweetheart asked me out for a spontaneous dinner.  God used the time to bind us closer together.

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