Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spousal Conferences

My husband and I had a bit of a disagreement last morning.  I was angry.  By God’s grace I kept it under wraps enough to discuss the issues at hand with him.  I had submitted to an earlier decision of his - in so much as I didn’t physically go against it - but I certainly had a poor attitude about it.

It helped to sit down with him and talk out what was happening and why.  He was very patient with me - even as I was unjustly angry with him.  He gently admonished me, and told me what he disagreed with me about.  I tried to be a godly example as I discussed why I disagreed with him, but fell far short of the mark.  

After a good forty-minute spousal conference with him, I was finally able to see things as they were and to confess my sin of anger and pride to him.  Through the course of our conversation, he was able to see some areas of improvement in his own manner, and we were both in a better place.  I am thankful for spousal conferences, that, given some godly rules, we can come together and resolve our conflicts.  We live daily in the mercy of the Lord’s good grace.

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