Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekly Impressions - 300 Thanks

This will mark the end of another set of 100 thankful things (300 thankful things, and 360 posts).  I am so thankful for how the Lord has used this journey of thankfulness in my life.  I can see myself growing in Christ, and that is encouraging.

The lesson that is most prevalent in my mind at the moment in this past 100 thankful things, is not only to be intentional about a time spent each day in focus upon the Lord - as this blog helps me do - but also to purposely continue in that mindset throughout the day.  I cannot achieve that kind of focus (consistently) if I’m not intentional about it.

As I think back on all of the thankful things that I have written about, I can feel my heart fill with thankfulness and all of the subsequent feelings it breeds:  contentment, Joy, humility, and love for my Savior, with the desire to live out that love.  I also look ahead with excitement for what is in store with the next 700 thankful things that I plan to write.  Life with Christ is a wonderful journey of friendship and learning; I pray that I am loving and teachable.

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