Monday, December 2, 2013

His Support

This last Sunday saw me singing with a choir in a performance of select songs of Messiah by George Frideric Handel.  I was still sick, we couldn’t afford for my husband to go, he had to watch our little man while I was gone, and not only did I not know my part as well as I would have liked, but neither did my entire section.  My husband can be so very supportive.

I’ve mentioned before that it surprises me when he is content to stay home and let me Go Have Fun.  I’m glad that I don’t take his support for granted, and it evokes a mild grateful surprise in me every time I encounter it.  In this case, his support wasn’t only expressed by his attitude of “Go have fun,” but in his encouragement (amidst my complaint, even) that I could only do my best and that God was in control.  He watched our son while I took some extra time to go over various parts (in other songs we would perform, as well).  My section didn’t do superbly, but we were able to do well enough not to ruin anything - always a good thing - and to hold up our part.

I am thankful that my husband supports me and shows me his love through pointing me back to God.  Sometimes, I find it a bit hard because I’m already being prideful and there he is pointing it out to me.  Yet, at those times, I can realize that the very fact that it pricks my pride means that I really do need to be humble.  As much as I may not want to be humble in that moment, it is best to be faced with the truth.  Today, however, it felt more like a gentle reminder than a prodding prick.  

Is there a way in which your spouse shows his or her support?

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