Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Go Have Fun

My husband has class on Tuesday night, which is also the night of our Community Group.  Instead of having a continual season for community groups, our church has sessions and breaks.  We just finished one such session, and many of the groups meet a few times in between.  Ours decided to have a game night.

As it happened, my husband had an exam that night, which meant that he would be finished with school a bit early and could come.  However, he came down sick the day before, and was unable to come.  Whenever he has to stay home while I’m out, I always feel a little pull not to leave him.  He, however, is more than willing to let me go have fun.  Even if it means taking care of the little man by himself.

His willingness is freeing.  I can go have fun with friends knowing that he really doesn’t mind that I’m not with him.  In fact, he’s glad that I’m out having fun.  It’s times like those that my Savior’s heart shines through my husband.  I love my husband - and am quite thankful that he will tell me to “Go have fun!”

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