Friday, February 21, 2014

Wet Cloths

Dear Lord,

Thank You that my husband cleaned up the splashed water after our son's bath with a bunch of small cloths that he left there.  It makes me smile to say that, but You know that I'm not being facetious.  Those wet cloths gave me the perfect opportunity to quickly wipe up the twenty square feet of linoleum floor in our bathroom and still have more left over with which to quickly wipe up the sink.  It certainly isn't as good as actually cleaning them, but they worked in a pinch!

Thank You, too, for the idea, even as I sat with a distasteful twist to my mouth as I considered them.  That floor has been needing something for awhile, and the white sink gets lots of little spots on it - they made for the perfect quick fix!  

I would never have thought of a quick mop-up with only water but for those cloths lying there on the floor.  Nothing short of a good cleaning would do, but You have been working on my perspective lately.  To be honest with myself, there isn't any real health issue at work in a floor that has been mopped with water instead of cleaner.  Neither is there in a sink that we don't drink from. If nothing else, the very fact that it looks cleaner makes it worth it.  Not to say that it won't need a good cleaning eventually, but a working wife and mother will take what help she can get!

Thank You, Lord, for turning what I thought was more work for me into less in the long run.  I was able to do a quick mop-up and wipe-down, then to snatch up all the cloths and get them in the laundry in about two or three minutes.  Thank You for that gift!

In Jesus' Name, amen.

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