Thursday, November 1, 2012


I love windows.  I love being able to see outside - or even inside somewhere else, because I’m not so enclosed.  Windows allow me to see outside of my own little world.  Whether I’m at work in my office, or at home in my living room, they remind me that the world is bigger than my own little box.

Too often I let my focus draw in when I’m enclosed.  The visual enclosures around me reflect the mental enclosure with which I enhance the physical walls.  In a way, I use the walls as an excuse to focus on myself.  Windows help to remind me that mine isn’t the only world that exists.  That reminder is enough to help me begin to shift the mental focus off of myself.  Besides, just as I like be able to see outside so that I don’t feel so enclosed, I like being focused on other things besides myself.  Being focused on myself is a trap.

This is only the beginning, as I need to put more effort into what to replace my self focus with:  focus on God.  Windows don’t always shift my focus by any means, but I am thankful for the visual reminder that God has created in windows.  

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