Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Date Nights

I am so glad that God designed it so that spouses are supposed to take time away to be with just each other.  It isn’t that I want to be away from my child, it’s that I want to be alone with my sweetheart sometimes; and that’s a very good thing.  It enables us to nurture our relationship, which helps on many different levels, not least of which is to help us stay unified.  

It is important for us to purposely set time aside to spend with our spouse and no one else.  Spending time with My Husband is a way that my husband and I can bond closer together, which allows us to better show the love of Christ to others.  

Just as it’s important to spend time alone with your spouse, it is also important to set time aside to spend alone with each child in order to get to know them better.  It is also important to set aside time to spend alone with God.  You could even think of it as dating God.  Do you date God regularly? 

I have been too lax lately in setting aside enough time to be with Him.  Yet time with Him is vital to His and my relationship.  That relationship is the most important relationship in my life.  Thus it has moved up in my priority list.  The more we love God, the more we love each other.  The more we love each other, the better God’s love is shown through us to the world.  I am thankful that God gave mankind the tool of a date night to help us show His Love.

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