Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I am thankful that God gave us hearing.  Music is the first reason that comes to mind - with its harmony, lyric, and flow - but it certainly isn’t the last.  The sound of my son’s belly laugh when my husband plays with him; the little snorts and growls my dog used to make as she talked to us; my husband’s voice on the phone; the doorbell when we’ve been excitedly waiting for a friend’s visit.  These are all reasons that I am thankful for hearing.  

Of course, there are noises that are not so nice, as well - especially when we humans are in the midst of expressing our sin to one another.  “The tongue is a fire...” as the Bible says in James 3:6a.  Yet I am glad that God is with us in every step of life - through mountain highs and valley sorrows.  Through it all, He helps us to become more like His Son each day.  I am thankful that hearing is one of the tools that He uses.

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