Monday, June 10, 2013

Knitting Patterns

I have been working on a knitted sweater for about eight months now, and am almost finished.  While I do come up with my own knitting designs, I usually like to start with someone’s honest-to-goodness pattern.  I follow it to a tee and try to understand the reasoning for doing it the way that they did, so that when I vary it, I don’t make a huge mistake.  I benefit greatly from the tips, tricks, and instructions noted in knitting patterns, and am thankful for the knowledge.  For this sweater, I am in the process of following the pattern precisely, and it makes for a beautiful sweater (I’m nearly done)!

I find myself comparing a knitting pattern loosely with the Bible.  The Bible is, after a fashion, a pattern for us to follow in life.  We wouldn’t want to pattern our lives exactly like all of those in it - some of the people are more examples of what not to do, and how God prevails despite their sin.  There are also those, like Paul, who we should pattern our lives after.  Not precisely, though, I would argue, as God uses each of us and our talents according to where He has us.  I’m certainly not in the position that Paul was in:  establishing the church during the Roman empire.  I am, however, a follower of Christ, and the Bible has plenty of tips, tricks, and instructions on the subject (or worldview, really; it affects everything).

I am thankful for knitting patterns, and how we can use them to pass on knowledge to fellow knitters.  I am also thankful that God gave us a pattern (if you will) to follow in the Bible, which leads us to “...everything pertaining to life and godliness through a true knowledge of Him who called us[.]”

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