Saturday, June 15, 2013


Up until about three years ago, I had always kept long hair - at least past my shoulder blades.  I cut it for various reasons, but decided to grow it back this year.  Prior to the big cut, my grandma had crocheted me an array of snoods.  

If you’ve never heard of a snood, it’s like a hairnet, often with beads (there are actually two types - you can read about it here).  Snoods were often worn in the renaissance period.  Most of the snoods that my grandma made cover just the pony tail instead of the whole head.  I enjoyed wearing these, as they were a practical, yet different way to keep my hair back.  When I cut my hair, there wasn’t enough to fill out the snoods she had made for my long hair, so I wasn’t able to wear them for awhile.

Today, my family joined a few others to go for a picnic and then a jeep ride.  Having been on a jeep ride before, I knew there would be a significant amount of wind tangling my hair, the length of which has just reached the bottom of my shoulder blades.  Wind makes the worst kind of tangles:  dry and brittle.  I realized with delight that my hair was long enough to fit into one of the whole hair snoods, which would keep all of my hair together without letting the wind pick out pieces to tangle.

It worked like a charm!  I am glad that the Lord gave my grandma her creative talent, and that through that, He provided me with an easy means to keep my hair from becoming a rat’s nest, which may very well have brought up the wish of cutting my hair again!

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