Thursday, June 20, 2013


Our son was having a rather difficult time getting to sleep tonight, so I used the good ‘ol sway-bounce-pat routine.  The trouble is, my fibromyalgia has been flaring this past week, and my knees especially ache quite a bit.  The sway-bounce-pat routine did not help.  

In light of my self-focus the day before, I tried to take my focus off of myself and my pain, and instead sought what I should focus on.  I knew that in this particular situation - where I had to pass the time in my mind through the pain as I comforted my son to sleep - thankfulness would be the best solution.

So I started thanking the Lord.  I thanked Him for the very situation that I was in, for the pain, for the opportunity to hold my son, and for the exercise in discipline that this situation was for me.  I didn’t have a real idea of why He had allowed this situation or circumstance in my life today, but I realized that I didn’t need to.  I could be thankful for the situation simply because I knew that God was using it for the good of His children, whatever that good may be.

It helped tremendously.  My attitude improved considerably, and, while it wasn’t the easiest thing to continue my focus on being thankful, I could see the immediate benefit, which helped to spur me on in my endeavor.  I am thankful that the Lord has taught me to seek thankfulness to Him, thereby improving not only my mood, but also my ability to bring Him glory.  I pray that I learn more and more how to continuously praise Him in thankfulness - throughout my days.

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