Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weekly Impressions - Comrades-in-Arms

One of the things that God has taught me in the past is that I need to be intentional about how I think about my husband.  If I am constantly thinking about his faults and the parts about him that annoy or upset me, then I am shooting both of us in the foot.  It’s highly important to intentionally focus on what I am thankful for in him, the little things that he does for me, and the parts of our marriage that I enjoy.

I have been wrestling with my thought life in my marriage lately.  It’s been hard not to take special note of the things that he isn’t doing right rather than the things that he is doing right.  I battled with this for about a month before I decided that either there was a real issue that needed to be dealt with between us, or I needed some help.

God works in such wondrous ways.  I brought up the main issue that had been bothering me with my husband.  We talked about it a bit, but weren’t really sure what to do about it, so we brought it before our Biblical Counselor.  I am so thankful for our biblical counselor.  He was able to identify the heart issues in each of us, to give us some good advice, and to show us how to work on it for the future.

Since that meeting, I have barely struggled with focusing on the bad parts of our marriage at all.  I love it when God reaches down and uses someone else to gently bring my perspective around.  I am so thankful for that Grace and mercy.

It is good to pray and to battle against my sin with the Lord, but I think I waited too long before seeking His help in a different form.  I need to be more cognizant of when I need to ask for help from my comrades-in-arms.  I’ve never been very good at it, but by God’s grace, I am improving.  My brothers and sisters in Christ are amidst the battle with me and my husband, and we are here to help each other in the battle.

Are you struggling with something right now?  Is it time to ask a comrade-in-arms?

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