Monday, June 24, 2013


I am thankful that my worth is not based on anything but God, the Unchangeable One.  Thus, nothing can change my worth.  When I place my hope in anything (which most often manifests in my life as attempting to draw worth from accomplishment) except God Himself, I set myself up for failure and disappointment.  

I am thankful that God has made me more and more aware of how I attempt to derive worth.  He has shown me that Hope is a key factor of my worth.  It is so easy to place hope in something even as simple as a video game.  I don’t really notice unless I do poorly, and then find myself beyond disappointed.  On the flip side, when I have my hope in God, whether I’m doing well or poorly doesn’t affect me beyond disappointment - and sometimes I won’t even be disappointed.

How does one keep hope on Him instead of on whatever one may be doing at the moment?  One trains to focus on Him.  Instead of allowing my hope to fall wherever it will, I must be intentional.  It is vital to pray, set reminders of Him around me, practice thankfulness and humility, serve others, and take my thoughts captive.  This is the training of a warrior of God, and without it, we lose our effectiveness.

I am thankful for God’s revelation of the link between hope and worth, and that God loves me whether or not I am successful, no matter the mistakes I make, and no matter my sins against Him.  He is always ready to lead me, and He always walks beside me.

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