Wednesday, July 17, 2013


What is it to be content?  One definition is to be satisfied, not wishing for more.  It isn’t a bad description of the feeling, perhaps, but in Christ, I feel there is so much more.  Yes, I am satisfied, but, though I don’t wish for more, I certainly hope for more.  In fact, I have faith - I know - that more is coming.  My definition of contentment would be to be satisfied in the here and now because I know what He ultimately has in store for me:  an eternity with my Savior, and without sin.

My contentment doesn’t stem from a momentary satisfaction, like the fleeting moments of happiness that we have in this world, it stems from the satisfaction - the thankfulness - that I am a child of God, saved from the consequences of my sin by God’s grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The very thought is humbling, and that humbleness is the root of my contentment; I know that God can do all things far better than I can, and that He is taking care of me.  

I don’t have to worry.  I don’t have to be afraid.  God has me in His grip and will never let go.  So, whether with my Savior here on earth, or with my Savior in eternity, I am content.  I thank the Lord for the contentment that He so graciously and lovingly bestows upon His children.

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