Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I love to organize.  If it’s practical, I will color-code, alpha-numeritize, bag, label, and do anything necessary to make things look neat, clean, and be as detailed as possible.  I find it funny; my house is usually a mess.  I think I get so carried away that it just takes too much time to do the job “right.”  Practicality often deteriorates the more detailed side of things, and my excitement level seems to deteriorate along with it (unless I achieve that balance of simplistic detail).

The nice thing about my mess, though, is that - in a very loose way - my things are still organized.  Ask me where a tool or certain piece of paper is, and I should be able to find it rather quickly.  (Ask me where I set something, though - like my glasses, keys, phone, or water bottle - and I may be searching for hours!)

Getting organized makes me feel all neat and clean, but the really great thing is being able to use the organizational systems I create, and seeing them in action.  The right organizational system can save loads of time.  It’s a nice payoff when I’ve created one that works well - especially when someone else can use it, too!

I am thankful that God made it possible to organize things, not only for the time it saves, but also for the creativity it evokes, and the ability to serve someone else through that gift.  May I remember that the gifts He gives me are meant to be shared!

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